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Discover the Art of Ultimate Relaxation


Women's day

Step into a world of relaxation and comfort at our Spa & Sauna. Treat yourself to a special Women's Day experience that includes a sauna session with a guide, a soothing body massage, and a refreshing facial treatment. Imagine letting go of stress as you enjoy the warm sauna guided by an expert. Feel the gentle touch of a massage that makes your body feel great, and give your face a treat with a revitalizing treatment. It's a day just for you to relax and enjoy. Don't miss out on the chance to treat yourself with our Women's Day package.

Men's day

Discover pure relaxation with our Men's Day retreat at the Spa & Sauna. Treat yourself to a special day just for men, including invigorating sauna sessions with experienced guides and refreshing full-body massages. Feel the warmth of our traditional sauna as you relax and release stress. Experience the revitalizing touch of a skilled massage, leaving you feeling refreshed and energized. Take a break from your routine and enjoy a well-deserved Men's Day experience.


Family Day

Family Day at our Sauna & Spa brings together both adults and children for a day of relaxation, bonding, and wellness. This unique experience allows family members of all ages to enjoy the soothing effects of heat, steam, and rejuvenation.


Public Day

Public Day at our Sauna & Spa offers an inclusive and communal experience where different people come together to unwind, rejuvenate, and enjoy the benefits of heat therapy with steam-master. This unique event allows people to relax, socialize, and promote their well-being in a shared sauna environment.